Fall season at Truist Sports Park.

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Welcome back to the Fall season at Truist Sports Park.  There have been a lot of things going on here the past few months.  The I-40 bridge project has gotten under way.  They will be working in our park for the next two and a half years rebuilding and expanding the bridge.  They have removed a large amount of trees along I-40 in our park as they get ready to start tearing down the walking bridge.  Carolina Athletic Performance has also broken ground on their project behind the field house.  They will be under construction for a year.


As practice gets into full swing for our sports teams and recreation soccer begins as well, there are a few important reminders to everyone coming into our park.  The speed limit is 20 miles per hour.  Please make sure that you are going the speed limit at all times.  With construction across the road and our smaller players running back and forth, we need everyone to be aware of their speed and watching the roads as they drive through the park.  There are stop signs by the lower fields and everyone is required to stop at these.  At all times, the park is pet free (registered and properly identified animals with a vest are always allowed), alcohol free, smoke free and firearm free.  If you want to run during practice, stay on the fields and not on the roads.  As it gets dark, it is difficult to see runners on the road.  The park has a hotline for after hours important issues and the number is 336-701-0120.  This is NOT the weather hotline.  That number is 336-998-4277 then extension 4.

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